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Seamless Bodysuit with Tummy Support

Seamless Bodysuit with Tummy Support


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1. Small round neck at the front, fashionable and simple; large back design at the back, sexy and beautiful;
2. The unique tissue of the chest has a better breast-supporting effect;
3. Tight tissue is woven into the waist and lower abdomen to increase plasticity;
4. Double-layered chest, anti-seepage, with detachable cups, no need to wear underwear; 
5. Seamless weaving technology, soft and comfortable high-elastic yarn, tightly wraps the body, comfortable and shaping;
6. There is a woven chest-supporting tissue on the inner side of the chest, which plays a role in micro-supporting the chest;
7. The tight tissue structure in the buttocks makes the buttocks more sexy.

Material: 92% nylon+8% spandex

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